They’re still chasing me for s³x — Abena Korkor discloses

Abena Korkor shares another jaw-dropping photo

Mental health and s*xual consultant, Abena Korkor Addo says some men are still chasing her for s³x.

A few days ago, the media personality set social media on fire with a series of exposés full of outrageous allegations.

Abena Korkor shared a list of names of people with good reputations in the country who have slept or wanted to taste her honey pot.

She mentioned names politicians, footballers, radio personalities who have ch0pped her.

In recent interview, Abena Korkor explained why she always mentions names or takes to social media to expose married men who have slept with her. According to her, she has had s³xual affairs with a lot of men including politicians, chiefs, radio personalities and many others.

Abena shockingly revealed that men keep chasing her for s³x even though she keeps exposing them.

Watch the video below;