As covid-19 caused economic shock triple worse than other years’ financial crisis with markets being hit hard economically with closing borders and putting some events on humanity under lockdown, others from the political opposition have taken it as a chance to criticize the government negatively. 

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The youth of the opposition party are plotting to use the covid-19 crisis to make the president of Ghana, Nana Akufu Addo unpopular. In order to gain more votes in the next four years election. Many Ghanaians celebrities have also commented on protesting “ fixing the country”. 

Award winner celebrity Afia Schwarzenegger commented that it is true the country needs to be fixed and the president is working with his governments in fixing it but before all can be possible, Ghanaian citizens need to have a change of mindset. As the governments fix the country with citizens having a negative mindset in refusing to contribute in payment of taxes, the country can not be properly managed. She also argues that most of the celebrities in Ghana refuse to contribute to tax payments.

Actress Matilda Asare on United Showbiz at UTV stated that there is nothing in the country that needs to be fixed. “ Nana as for me, there is nothing wrong in this country that needs to be fixed. Everything is okay.” Matilda Asara

In addition, Matilda made it that, if one had anything that needed to be fixed, they needed to name it to the government instead of just protesting “ fix the country, fix the country.” 


Below is the audio: