The Way I Will Make Them Beat You – Nana Agradaa To Evangelist Suro Nipa

The Christian bible encourages generosity yet there is a young evangelist in Ghana speaking against giving for is believed some of the Christian churches are refusing to use the offering gathered by the church membered stored in banks instead of using the offering in donating to the poor and the needy in order to win souls for the kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Evangelist Suro Nyame sharing his opinion at Angel Fm 102.9 stated that most Christian leaders claiming to do the work of God are only doing it for showcase but not focus on winning souls to heaven. 

The Evangelist pinpoint that, Christian leaders are to use the offering towards poor urban areas occupied by youth with the tendency to commit minor crimes instead of using the church offering to buy luxury vehicles in which by doing so, the church will be able to win souls for the kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Controversial fetish priestess who proclaimed to be born again Christian popularly known as Agradaa on her program sharing her opinion on Evangelist Suro Nyame’s presentation stated that “ the guy is rushing too much… every day I always say, we Christians we are here to protect the kingdom of God..”

Agradaa shared her views of Suro Nyame’s viewpoint on offering, she stated that he has become a threat to many pastors through his statement of disapproval of pastors taking offerings from members. 

Suro Nipa in hearing the response of Agradaa, stated that Agradaa is in menopause that needs special attention from her family. 

As it continues, Agradaa also responded to Suro Nyame for calling her out on her menopause and stated that he is an animal, and if he does not be careful, he will run away from social media because he is stupid. 

She also stated that she was advising him in order that in the future in case he builds a church and needs members to offer to his church, the members and the community will not use his words against him. 

Closing up with her presentation, she stated, “If you fool, the way I will make them beat you.. You are staying if someone uses your name to open Facebook, you will let someone beat the person. If you are a ghetto boy, you are not a ghetto boy more than anyone…” Nana Agradaa

Below is her video:


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