Member of Parliament ( MP) for Bolgatanga Central Constituency, Hon Isaac Adongo has disclosed that the ‘Akyem mafia’ comment was not directed to all the people of Akyem but a group of individuals in government hence there is no need to render an apology to those staging demonstration against Ex-President John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking in an interview on Pure FM Kumasi, he said, “I have not insulted anyone I didn’t know, but for those that I targeted, there is no way I will render an apology because they are still practicing the Sakawa”

“But those who went on a demonstration I don’t know them hence there is nothing I have said against them”.

Some groups in Akyem who described themselves as Concerned Youth of Akyem on Wednesday, September 9 2020 staged a demonstration against the flagbearer of National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama demanding an apology over a post in which he sought to call a section of the people from Okyeman as ‘Sakawa boys’ ( criminals).

But Adongo speaking on the issue noted that “If they (some people in government) behave in ways of Sakawa that is the words I will use for them. If they behave honourably, I will describe them as Akyem Honourables, if they behave responsibly, I will describe them as the changed Akyem responsible people. But if they behave in Sakawa ways, the Sakawa has come to stay until they change their ways and begins to put Ghana first”.

Speaking on the 72-hour ultimatum given to him by the protesters in Akyem state Adongo insisted saying he has no idea of what is going on adding that, there is nothing that he has said or wrote which deserves an apology.

“If you parade those people (some people in gorevrment) before me, I will still describe them as such”, Isaac Adong stressed.