The lesbians want to kill me but I’m innocent-Photographer says

The lesbians want to kill me but I'm innocent-Photographer says

The lesbians want to kill me after they were busted by the police says a Photographer in Obomeng who was contracted to cover the event.

The Photographer in Obomeng whose identity was not disclosed said during an interview with Angel FM that ever since the police arrested the ladies during the wedding ceremony his life has been under constant threats.

This comes after news broke that Police in Obomeng a suburb in Kwahu in the Eastern region have arrested some Ghanaian Lesbians who gathered to hold a wedding ceremony over the weekend.

The report by Starrfm added that the wedding ceremony was held in a rented house at dawn, however, the ceremony was cut short after a team of Police and traditional authorities stormed the place and arrested them.

The Photographer in Obomeng said

“I charged them GHC 4600 but they told me they will pay me GHC 6000 for the work. However, when I later learnt this was what they were going to do, I lied to them I had other engagements on that day so they should give me their contact so I call them later but they refused and said they will come to pick me up later…,”

“They never came to pick me up so I forgot about the whole deal until I heard in the news that they’ve been arrested for organizing such an event…,

“They’re accusing me of making their intentions public, an allegation which I know nothing about…,” he lamented.