The Kofi Oduro you know on the pulpit is different at home – Wife discloses

The wife of renowned gospel preacher Dr. Kofi Oduro, Rev. Mrs. Rita Oduro has said that her outspoken and fearless husband is a different person at home.

According to her, a lot of people think that her husband will be difficult at home due to his fearlessness and audacity in public speaking. However, she stressed that her husband is very cool and has a different approach to domestic matters.

Mama Rita revealed this while sharing their successful marriage story with Nana Yaa Konadu on her Talklife TV show.

Speaking about their marital journey, Mrs. Oduro said that her husband, the Founder and Leader of the Alabaster International Ministry, is remarkably composed, kind and easygoing.

She said, “Although he is loud and strict, once you get to know him, there’s always peace and the love is endless.”

She went on, “Papa is not a difficult guy, but I have come to know that because of his mandate in life, he comes across as very loud when he is preaching. Many people mistakenly believe that is how he acts at home, but that is not the case.”

She quickly clarified, though, that if you ignore Dr. Oduro’s orders, he won’t think twice before firing you.

“Since we’ve been together for a while, I’ve studied him and am aware of his likes and dislikes. Thanks to the Lord’s mercies, my children and I are following his lead. If he instructs you to sit down and you continue standing, he won’t be satisfied about it, he will be enraged,” she added.