Read The Ghana Police Service Statement On The Daylight Robbery In Tema Today

The Ghana Police Service in an official statement clarified that, the two robbers who exchanged bullets with a police officer in a robbery operation in Tema today,  April 23,2020 have all died earlier reported of a robbery operation in Tema today, which indicated that, one of the two men involved in the crime died on the spot where the other injured but managed to escape with the money

According to the police statement, both died, but the total money of GH¢123,345 scattered during the operation, remaining only GH¢2,500 for the owners of the money as onlookers scrambled for the rest

The police statement below:

“This afternoon, 23/04/2020 one Mashood Hamid called on the Tema Regional CID to report that at about 12.30pm he went to the Zenith Bank, Tema Branch to withdraw 123, 345.00Ghc but was robbed by two people on a motorbike who immobilized his car by shooting at the tyres, on reaching the TDC traffic light.
Police responded and exchanged fire with the robbers. The two robbers died in the process, while the money scattered on the streets and were scrambled by people around, leaving only 2,500.00 Ghc salvaged by the complainant.
This is a warning to all criminally minded persons to turn over a new leaf and an assurance to well meaning Ghanaians and residents that your Police is at work”