The court is fortified; High Court to Ken Agyapong after he appealed to the Supreme court

Lawyers for Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong on Friday notified the High court of an application they have filed at the Supreme Court.

According to Counsel for the MP, Kwame Gyan, the intentions of the application was to plead with the Supreme court to halt the contempt proceedings at the High Court and set aside the contempt charge leveled against  Mr. Kennedy Agyapong.

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“The application has been duly filed and service has been effected and my lord we have evidence in the form of proof of service on the judicial secretary and the head office.

“The return date is Tuesday, October 13, 2020, for the application before the Supreme Court. In the circumstances, we are praying your lordship to grant as an adjournment so we could pursue the matter which is now pending before the highest Appellate court of the land.” the MP legal counsel to the court

The aggrieved judge, Justice Wuni, dismissing the request, disclosed that nothing prevent his court from proceeding with the matter.

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“This court is fortified in the continuing proceedings by the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Republic v Fast Track High Court ex parte Daniel where his lordship Prof Kludze Jsc stated that ‘a motion for an order of prohibition does not come within the ambit of 130 (2) and the Fast Track High Court is perfectly within the law to continue with its proceedings until and unless there is an order from a Higher Court. That being the case, this court will continue with proceedings until so ordered to suspend’.”

Mr Gyan, however, told the judge he disagreed with the decision.

Justice Wuni then decided that he will adjourn the case to take further legal arguments from Mr Agyapong’s legal team on Friday, September 25.