The Cause Of TB Joshua’s Death Disclose

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Prophet TB Joshua on Saturday 5th June 2021 reportedly passed away after his preaching on Emmanuel TV Partners Meetings in which his sermon was time to come here for prayer time to return home after service.

 His media house also used social media Facebook to announce his death by making a publication that God has taken his servant Prophet TB Joshua home –as it should be by divine will.

Ending the note that, the prophet ended his service with God at the church in which he lived and died. The cause of the prophet’s death was not stated. 

After the death of TB Josuah, many have come out to expose the prophet as he was a member of an occult group which as a result caused his untimely death. 

With followers debating as to the cause of the prophet Josuah’s death, a member of  Synagogue Church of All nations has come out to make a revelation as to the cause of the prophet. 

 According to the video, the woman stated God revealed to her, stating she heard a voice from the Lord saying, “ I will take him”. As she was listening to the voice, she asked if the prophet will die, which the Lord answered, yes. She also added she saw four angels carrying the prophet into heaven.

Below is the video: