Tears flow as car slams into a woman who sitting on a bench smoking cigar.

This is the shocking moment a woman smoking a cigarette is suddenly pinned against a street bench by an out-of-control hatchback.

Astonishing CCTV footage shows the woman’s horror as she suddenly clocks the vehicle veering towards her.

Within a second the vehicle smashes into her legs – leaving her pinned between the car, the bench and the church wall behind it.

The driver quickly manages to reverse – squeezing through a gap in the bollards barely wider than a car width.

Stunned onlookers then rush in to help the woman, who is amazingly seen moving one of her legs at the end of the video.

Paramedics say a woman in her 50s has been rushed to hospital.

Witnesses meanwhile told MailOnline the driver was an elderly woman who had been attempting a three-point turn when she lost control of the vehicle.

The shocking video is from an incident in Havant, Hants, which took place on November 15.

The footage begins with the woman puffing on a cigarette as she talks to another smoker sitting beside her.

Seconds later the woman appears to spot the maroon coloured Honda hatchback heading towards her.

With no time to react, she puts out her hands as the car slams into her legs.

The footage shows the front right of the car on top of her legs, leaving her trapped between the vehicle and the bench.

After four seconds of agony the car then reverses, squeezing back through the gap in the bollards.

Onlookers then rush in to help the woman, while a person is seen getting out of the passenger door of the vehicle.

Police, paramedics and a team from the Isle of Wight Air Ambulance service were called in to help. The victim was rushed to hospital and another person was treated at the scene.

Luke Murphy, 27, was playing a didgeridoo outside a nearby shopping centre when he saw the car veer off the road and plough into the woman.

He said he believed the two women sitting on the bench were sisters.

Mr Murphy, who lives in Havant, told MailOnline: ‘It seemed that the elderly lady driver was trying to do a three point turn but may have accidentally let the clutch off too quickly and the car shot forward.

‘She ploughed up onto the pavement and continued into a bin and hit the lady who was on the bench, causing cuts to her leg. I ran over to see what I could do as I have first aid experience.

‘I got a security guard from the shopping centre to send for a first aid kit and I treated her until the ambulance arrived.

‘She was there with her sister and their elderly father and she had lacerations to her leg.

‘The ambulance turned up very quickly and took the injured lady away as well as the driver – she had whiplash and was in distress.’

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