TB Joshua’s son narates how his father d!ed last Sunday.

His death is no longer news to us but the pain and grief that come along would not be forgotten anytime soon.

In a viral video, Apostle Prince lkharebhore could be seen wearing an all white attire and liked cert sober as he narrated the death of popular
Nigerian Televangelist and Philanthropist Temitope
Balogun Joshua known widely as Prophet T.B
Joshua,his father.

Read an expert from the video below.

“God does not need our permission to do what he wants to do. That is the only father I have…he is gone. That is the man I have looked up to throughout the years that has added to my life”, he revealed in a solemn atmosphere at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) during its Sunday Service.

We did our all-night service here on Friday through
to Saturday dawn. After it, I was not myself and I sat down with my bible on the ground and tuned to
Emmanuel TV. I was watching live service and while the choir was singing for him to come out as he always does for him to come and pray for the sick, it was later in the evening he came in. He just walked in with a smile and I was still watching. He said there will no longer be a prayer line and that congregants will go to their houses and he will pray for them in their houses”. he revealed.

He added” he collected the mike and made someone repeat what he said. He held one of the trees in the church, coughed and walked away. That was how the short service ended. After the meeting he talked to everybody and just entered his room and that was it”

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