Taking photos of your ballot paper is against the law – EC cautions

The Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) led by Mrs. Jean Mensa has cautioned the general public to desist from filming or taking shots of the ballot paper whiles voting.

According to the Commission, taking photos of your ballot paper is against the law and you can be arrested.

Director of Electoral Services, Dr. Serebour Quaicoe speaking in an interview disclosed that taking shots of thumb printed ballot breaches the principle of secrecy of ballots.

“If you finish and you tell people who you voted for, that is fine but it is an offense for you to take photos of it and be showing it to people. That breaches the secrecy of the ballot. In the view of the law you can be arrested,” he said.

His comment comes after images and videos of thumb-printed papers of some security personnel surfaced online yesterday showcasing the party they voted for during the Special Voting exercise organized for security personnel, media persons, and other essential service providers to enable them to perform their duties on election day.