News broke on the social media of a woman accused of witchcraft by a fetish priestess, Hajia Filina. For such a reason, a 90 year old woman, Akua Dentah was stoned leading to her untimely death. 

As a result, the Inspector General of Police, James- Boanuh, sends security team to the region to find the fetish priest and the community members involved plus announced to give out 2,000 Ghana cedis as a reward for any who will be able to give information to lead to the arrest of the suspect for the suspects were on the run. 

Suspect Who Killed 90 Year Old Woman Turns Themselves In And Arrested

On Wednesday July 29, 2020, information reaching, indicates that the suspects have reported themselves to the police.

Event took place at Kafaba around Salaga area. 

Background of Akua Denteh. 

She is originally from Kafaba and is a second born of eight children. She married and gave birth to seven children of which one of them died. She had two boys and four girls which reports indicated the first born is still alive in her 70 years.