Support E-levy for us to pay monies owed you – Amoako-Attah to road contractors

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Amoako Atta has asked road contractors to support the controversial Electronic transaction Levy (E-levy).

Addressing the leadership of Road Contractors Association, Mr. Amoako-Attah said the e-levy will help generate more funds, part of which will be used to pay road contractors.

He added that the implementation of the 1.75% levy will help the government fix several deplorable roads.

“When the E-levy is implemented, the road sector will get its fair share. All contractors owed by the government will be paid. A number of deplorable roads will be fixed when the E-Levy is introduced because all contractors we owe will be paid. You are going to benefit directly from its implementation. No serious government will joke with its contractors.”

In other news, Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako Attah has revealed tollbooths across the country will soon be put to use but not their main purpose.

Tollbooths in the country stopped functioning after government announced in the 2022 budget statement that it has abolished the collection of road tolls. Before the approval of the budget, the minister for roads and highways issued a directive for the cessation of tolls collection, an act the Minority Caucus in Parliament described as unlawful.

After the abolishment of road tolls, the National Road Safety Authority(NRS) asked the government to demolish the structures for road safety.

According to Mr. Amoako Attah, the roads will be used for public urinals.

“We even want to refurbish all tollbooth structures to provide proper and decent washrooms for the use by motorists so that we advised them to desist from that practice where sometimes you see cars stopping on the highway and people getting down to wee-wee as we usually see”, he said.