Sugar daddy weeps after receiving his broken heart [VIDEO]

Sugar daddy weeps

Sugar daddy weeps after receiving his broken heart ine Akua Afriyie.

Yesterday we reported that Guy weeps over a broken heart despite quitting school to cater for her and the baby.

In the video ,the broken hearted guy mentioned one Nana Ama who told him that saying that they had a child together for which he had to drop out of school.

Little did we know another old man had also gotten a broken heart.

The story surrounding his broken heart is scanty.

According to him, he was at a nearby spot and saw Akua entering into a vehicle with someone.

The ‘Someone’s Father’ added that he was so hurt that, he couldn’t control his feelings. He pleaded with Akua to come back to him.

But we believe someone went to speak ill about him to his girlfriend and that has led to his broken heart. I therefore use this medium as an opportunity to beg Aftiyie to amend the situation.

Have a look at the video below.