Stop your work if your lorry fare is more than your salary – Tobinco Boss

Chief Executive Officer of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Amo Tobin has advised employees whose monthly salaries only covers their transportation to retire or ask for an increase.

He asserted that failing to resign or notify management to assist in resolving the issue can turn the worker into a thief or liar at work.

“If your transportation is more than your salary you must tell your HR to talk to management to help. It’s a must to consult management else you will turn out to be a thief or a liar” he said.

The top Pharma-CEO added:

“Never be in a position whereby you spend more than you receive. If you receive tips from your bosses then obviously you can depend on those tips to cater for your transportation but, if your transportation is more than your salary then it’s either you ask for an increment or resign.”

Dr. Tobinco was a speaker at the Wisdom Summit 2022, which XYZ Broadcasting created to educate its audience and clients.