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Stop tarnishing my image — Pastor Love cautions ex-wife Obaapa Christy

Pastor Love, ex-husband of singer Obaapa Christy has issued a stern warning to her to stop fabricating stories about him.

Pastor Love Hammond says he believes that his ex-wife is behind all the defamatory stories aimed at tarnishing his image.

“The people behind a lot of the issues that come up about me emanates from people in my ex-wife’s camp. All the people who have come out to denigrate me are from my ex-wife’s camp.

“Recently Captain Smart came to insult me, the next day he was sitting having a conversation with my ex-wife,” Pastor Love said in an interview.

Pastor Love was responding to recent allegations that he had snatched someone’s wife. “It is either she is contracting them to do it or I see that they are all from her camp. But what I can tell my loved ones is that all my trials and troubles emanate from my failed marriage. So whoever hears anything bad about me must ignore it,” he said.

Further trashing the wife snatching claims, he emphasized that “going after a married person is a an abomination to me. Christy, if you are the one behind it stop it because we have kids together. If I am destroyed, you and the kids also end up being destroyed.

Advising his former wife, he said “we started together, your foundation is me, your life success and help is me. If today you are able to go and come it is because of how I started well with you that is what has helped your future. So do not contract people to drag my name because when I am disgraced it also affects you”.

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