“Stop tagging me with f00lishness, I don’t have lookalike – Ajagurajah warns

Ghanaian spiritualist, Prophet Ajaugaurah has sent a stern warning to persons tagging him with his lookalike.

For the past few weeks, the celebrity look-alike trend has received massive attention on social media as individuals who claim to share striking resemblances to some Ghanaian celebrities keep popping up.

There have been claims that these individuals are hired to perform at events, where they are paid for performing the songs of the main artist without prior consent.

However, the lookalike association has debunked the claims that they perform the songs of real artists for money.

Well, Bishop Ajagurajah who finds no interest in the lookalike trend has issued a stern warning to individuals who are popping up to impersonate him.

In a video he shared on his Facebook page, peeved Ajagurajah said God created him alone and his mother equally gave birth to him only hence anybody who pops up on social media to claim he looks like him will have him to contend with.

Watch the video below;

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