Miracle Schools stationed in Sunyani has cautioned that since police investigations are underway, the public and family members of the late Leticia Hyere Pinaman should stop circulating fallacies about the death of the young Junior High School (JHS) girl.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, we reported the unfortunate passing of a final year Junior High School student of the school after she allegedly hanged herself to death.

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Right after the reports of Leticia’s passing surfaced, several videos on social media popped up indicating that someone in the school murdered the young girl.

An example of such videos was the video of a supposed sister of Pinaman asking the school not to tarnish her sister’s reputation after they took her life for intentions they only know.

Reacting to the deriding allegations, the school in a statement has announced that it does not know what caused the young lady to hang herself but that they are working closely with the Police in their investigation to find out.

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Until then, the school notified the public to refrain from pushing misconception about the school and matter surrounding the death of Pinaman Hyere Leticia.

Check out the statement below:

Stop lying about the facts- JHS school of suicid£ students angrily warns