Stay in your lane – Medikal “warns” Eno Barony

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has responded to recent claims by Eno Barony that she is a better rapper than he is. The battle for the title of greatest rapper rages on as these two artists clash over their lyrical prowess.

Medikal insists that Eno is confused by his earlier comments, which he intended as praises for her talent, especially as a female rapper in a male-dominated industry. Speaking to Pulse Ghana, Medikal advised Eno to “stay in her lane,” stating that “some things are for big men only.”

“I think Eno is confused, she does not want to understand that she is a female and I am a male. What I said about her was a big up to her that she can rap but she took it in a wrong way. She should never in her sub-conscious think that she can come up against me in rap, she should stop the cap. She is dope but she should stay in her lane. Some things are for big men only, big man things,” he said.

Medikal had earlier praised Eno Barony for her impressive rapping skills, noting that she even outperforms many male rappers in Ghana. Despite this, he still maintains that he is a better rapper than Eno and that he cannot be compared to other rappers as he is in a different league altogether.

Eno Barony, on the other hand, is not content to let Medikal’s claims go unchallenged. Responding to his comments, she stated that “Medikal is a dope rapper and he raps better than most of the female rappers except me.” She further added that “people dream. Sometimes it is good to wake people up so that they know that some dreams don’t come true.”

Many fans are now eagerly anticipating a rap battle between these two talented artists to settle the matter of who is truly the greatest rapper.

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