Spirits will haunt you if you pick money from the floor – Prophet Ajagurajah claims

Founder and Leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach Society, Prophet Ajagurajah has said that persons who pick money from the floor might be poor forever because he/she becomes indebted to spirits.

According to the renowned prophet, persons who see money on the floor and pick become indebted to spirits mallams and fetish priest and priestesses consult for blood money.

Prophet Ajagurajah said monies we find on the floor were purposely placed there for spiritual reasons because not even Jeff Bezos will be moving from one place to the other throwing money around just because he has millions of it.

He made a typical example that, a lot of salary workers are always broke and go around begging for money just a few days after their paydays because they are spiritually indebted and not because they are spendthrifts.

In his own words;

“That guy who dropped the money cried when he realized he had lost the money. He didn’t drop it intentionally. You have been praying and asking for money and you saw it and took it. Didn’t you?”

“You have to go look for whoever prayed for you or whichever power allowed that to happen; and thank them or else you will keep paying for that debt till you die.”

He further asked, “Have you realized there are people who complain their salary even finishes before they receive an alert? It’s because they must have picked money through this means. The spirits will deduct even before it hits your account.”