Some Ghanaians attack Ghana police for arresting weed dealers in Tema

Some Ghanaians attack Ghana police for arresting weed dealers in Tema

Some Ghanaians attack Ghana police for arresting weed dealers in Tema yesterday.

Seems the Ghana police with about 62,800 police personnel are having a really bad time these days.

After a man said he trusted weed smokers more than them, the police service has become ridicule but yet we seek them for protection.

Well maybe because they are mandated by the law to protect lives and protect.

Also ,Queen Mother weeps as town gets electricity after 508yrs

The online attack and criticism by some Ghanaians comes after the Ghana police posted it had successfully arrested some 3 people for mixing alcoholic drinks with cannabis.

The post on Facebook read

Meanwhile, Mahama angrily sacks NDC man from his rally (Watch)

Tema: Arrest of 3 Suspects at Monte Carlo Pub, Tema For Lacing Alcoholic Drinks With Cannabis
Yesterday (28th November, 2020), the Tema Police Regional CID arrested suspects Jessica Mensah aged 30 -Bar Operator, Joe Osei Evan’s aged 14 -an errand boy and Charity Yeboah aged 30 -also bar attendant at Monte Carlo drinking spot for selling bottles of drinks suspected to be laced with cannabis . A total of 668 bottles of drinks of such nature were recovered by Police.
The Police are advising the public to be sure of substances they patronise in order not to fall victim to such practices.

Check out some of the awful comments below

Owenfoba Kwesi Dawood
When are you going to arrest those behind PDS and Agyapa Royalties?
Jerry Tetteh
Should they arrest the sellers or they should have rather arrested the owner of the bar, He is aware. The Poor are always victims. MERCY
Francis Sunu
There are people stealing wont arrest them… you go for those poor souls..Those drinks are for special customers…arrest the people stealing the billions rather
Adnaan Abubakar Touré
The hypocrisy of Ghana police. In my area, there’s similar spot engaging in this similar activity and the regional police office is aware of their activities. Yet they seem not interested.
I ones reported to the police and I was advised by a police officer that, it’ll be best for me to move out of the place to another. They refused to act and such activities go on without fear
Ernest Dankyi
There are armed robbery, contract killings and other serious crimes going and you are interested in arresting bar operators selling alcohol with cannabis… Police sit up… Aaaaaa Ghana police sit…
Mma Rahma
The police went to Monte Carlo, to arrest these three people, two females and a 14yr old boy, even a one year old kid knows where cannabis sellers, smokers and drinkers are in Tema, they’re not afraid to do it in the open, are the police afraid to go there, you arrest these three people and you put it here,,
Blessed Nana Kojo Godfred
Anytime you hear such stories just know someone refused to pay something to the officers. There are many of such places in Accra which the police is very much aware of.
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