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The Convention Peoples Party member, Charles Owusu has shared his views on the police shooting which occurred at Ejura Sekyeredumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana leading to the death of two citizens, Murtala Muhammad and Abdul Nasir, after the death of the New Patriotic Party activist  Ibrahim Mohammed popularly known on social media as Kaaka. 

Charles Owusu addressed that, as good citizens of a country, one should learn to comport themselves for not everything that one needs to push blame on police officers for police and soldiers are given weapon to defend themselves in a time of an attack. 

According to Mr. Owusu, one can not use a weapon towards an officer and expect the officer not to respond to the attack. He advises citizens of Ghana to learn to comport themselves towards police officers and soldiers for if cases overwhelm police officers in terms of peace and order, soldiers are called to attend the case to restore order. 

He also argues citizens learn to obey the laws of the country and not disobey the laws. 

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