Slayqueen caught stealing meat

Slayqueen caught stealing meat at a party in an unidentified location.

Some Ghanaian ladies on Facebook have turned the app into their daily business to solicit money from men but find it have to survive.

In a new video,when food was served at the reception, slay queens who had been invited to grace a wedding ceremony had a different idea.

While everyone else was eating, these slay queens decided to steal the meat from their own food and put it in their bags.

Looking left and right, as we all do when crossing the street, one of them signaled the other to steal the meat and put it in her bag putting all her senses to work.

Have a look at the video below.

“The boys have been chopping me for free”-Tiktok influencer has revealed in a new video.

We know how difficult it is sometimes to resist the urge to have a good time in bed with a partner.

In the video,the tiktok star said she would weep alot on her wedding day.

She claims that she has been chopped for free for too long and that her ‘t0t0′ is tired.

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