Slay queen makes a shocking revelation into the world of S£x workers in Ghana (VIDEO)

A Slay queen identified Creamy Lindy in a video going viral on all major social media platforms has stunned Ghanaians with her raw and bizarre revelation into the underground world of prostitution in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview on TV Africa, this popular slay queen took her valuable time to break down the money-making process slay queens use to amass wealth both physically or virtually.

According to Creamy Lindy, there is two-part to prostitution; there are the traditional roadside prostitutes renowned for their cheap payment system, and her field which is social media or virtual hookers.

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Creamy revealed that she makes money by sleeping with men virtually via social media. To her, all she has to do to make her “easy” money is to assume s£xually positions on the screens of customers laptops or phone and the rest is up to these male counterparts who are not even physically there to enjoy the act.

Having no moral guilt or bounds and ignoring the fact that she was live on television, this lady revealed that she intends to recruit more innocent SHS girls into her lucrative line of business. She also unveiled her intentions to start a school for prostitution.

The proud slay queen also noted that her parents are aware of her occupation and she has the blessing of her father who is fully informed about her immoral lifestyle. She told the interviewer that she has no religion but she believes that there is a creator.

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Questioned if she would get married someday, she confidently answered; yes but her husband must be willing to put her character, her past, and must be willing to wait till she is ready to resign from the business which she has now embodied.

She revealed other raw information in the video which is available in the video below: