SIM cards to be disconnected on 1st November 2022 -MTN

MTN Ghana is urging customers who have not completed their SIM card registration with the Ghana card to do so by 31st October 2022 to avoid their services being disconnected.

In line with the press release from the Ministry of Communications and Digitization, MTN may be required to disconnect the services of customers who have not completed their registration by capturing their biometrics by 1st November 2022. MTN Ghana is urging its customers to complete their registration by visiting any MTN Agent Point, Service Center, Connect Store, or download the self-service app from play store and capture their biometrics.

Commenting on this, the Chief Sales and Distribution Officer of MTN Ghana, Shaibu Haruna said, “We still have a significant number of customers who have either not linked their cards or have not completed registration. We are encouraging every customer to use any of our channels, including the self-service app to complete their registration”.

Customers can check the status of their registration by dialling *400# to confirm if their SIM cards have been linked ahead of the biometric capture. A “B-Cap Yes” response or feedback means a customer is fully registered.

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization announced the mandatory registration of all SIM cards in Ghana in October 2021. The exercise is scheduled to end on October 31, 2022.