Shocking Video of teacher & student fight in class goes viral (WATCH)

A disturbing video clip has emerged online depicting a physical altercation between a student and a teacher, identified as Xaviera Steele, at Rocky Mount High School.

The video shows the student and teacher engaged in a heated argument over a mobile phone, with the student attempting to retrieve the device from the teacher.

The student questions the application of rules, stating: “Why does the rules not apply to everybody else? That’s my phone.” The teacher asserts that the rules apply to all, to which the student attempts to forcefully take the phone from the teacher’s grip. The teacher then warns the student not to touch her.

The altercation then turns physical with both parties taking swings at each other. During the struggle, the teacher’s dress lifts up, exposing her bare buttocks to the surrounding students. The altercation ends with the teacher pinning the student down while telling her to stop.

The video has generated a heated debate over whether the teacher’s actions were justified. Police have launched an investigation into the incident. In response to the incident, North Carolina lawmakers are considering legislation, HB534, which would impose stricter penalties for assaults on school employees, potentially classifying certain assaults as felonies for repeat offenders.

Watch the video below:

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