Shocking video of how $ɛ.x workers sell clients’ $pɛrm to ‘sakawa’ boys and pastors for r!tu@ls [WATCH]

A report by TV3, a subsidiary of Media General has thrown more light on how $ɛx workers in Ghana sell their clients $perm to fraud boys and some pastors for ritu@als.

$ɛx workers in parts of the country have found more commercial use for the spɛrns they collect from the c0nd0ms their patrons wear before having sɛ.xu@l intercourse with them.

They sell the used c0nd0ms full of spɛrms to desperate ‘sakawa’ boys and pastors who use them for ritu@als.

The selling of used c0ndoms has become common practice from which some sɛ.x workers make their money.

The documentary by TV3 reveals how sɛ.x workers liaise with hotel workers for the constant and reliable supply of these biological materials.

According to them, the big men are always ready to pay more for the sperm, and as a result, these sɛx workers have made it a point to always get them from their clients.

Watch the video below for more details;

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