Shocking as phone gets stuck in a thief’s hand after stealing it [WATCH]

A video circulating on social media captures shocking moment after an alleged thief snatched a phone from its owner.

According to reports, the phone got stuck in the hands of the yet-to-be-identified thief after he snatched the phone.

In the fast trending video sighted by, a lot of people could be seen surrounding the thief while taking photos and videos of the shocking incident.

The crowd decided to lynch him to de@th but their mission came to a halt after the stolen phone got stuck in his hand.

The video has garnered a lot of reactions online with a section heaping praises on the owner of the phone for teaching the thief a lesson. Many suggest the alleged thief should be allowed to around with the phone in his hand for the rest of his life to serve as a lesson to others.

This shocking incident happened in Nairobi, Kenya.

Watch the video below;