Sheep take over parking lot of closed McDonald's

Sheep take over parking lot of closed McDonald’s in Wales.

The sheep entered the McDonald’s restaurant closed due to the coronavirus pandemic in Wales.

McDonald’s has indeed proved to be the king after the sheep paid a surprise visit to McDonald’s shop in the town of Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

Some people were around who witnessed the scene.

In South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a pride of lions was pictured lounging across a road last week.

“I was leaving Aldi store next to McDonald’s after shopping for my mother and some elderly neighbors who are in isolation,” Thomas told CNN.

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“I saw the sheep and took a pic to put on Facebook as a joke after everyone has been posting [about] cravings and withdrawals for McDonald’s food,”
“It’s normal south Wales valley life to see sheep wandering down the streets of Ebbw Vale. Or even horses or cows,” Thomas added.

Below is a video.