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She was afraid of what the inspector’s wife can do – Maadwoa’s aunt reveals

Accusations that the late Victoria Dapaa, also known as Madwoa, was promiscuous have been dismissed by her aunt, Yaa Amankwah.

Instead, Amankwah has opened up on the circumstances that led to her niece’s decision to end her relationship with Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, stating that Madwoa had discovered that Twumasi was married with children.

In an interview with Benjamin Asare, Amankwah revealed that Madwoa had broken up with the police officer because she did not want to be involved with someone else’s husband. “She feared the wife of the Inspector might do something to her,” Amankwah added.

The decision to end the relationship did not sit well with Twumasi, who reportedly stormed Madwoa’s house on one occasion to warn her against leaving him. Amankwah’s account sheds light on the state of Madwoa and Twumasi’s relationship before Madwoa’s untimely death.

Amankwah also defended her niece against the allegations of promiscuity, describing Madwoa as a hardworking lady who could survive on her job. The revelation of Madwoa’s reasons for ending the relationship with Twumasi will add to the ongoing investigations into the tragic incident that claimed her life.


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