She Raped Me – Shatta Bundle Breaks Silence

Photos of the girl caught in bed with Shatta Bandle

A report is made on the social media of police investigating Shatta Bundle as he is been accused of raping a minor. Mahama Haruna, reported to be the uncle of Ayisha who is seen as a victim of rape was seen in bed with a minor, Ayisha. 

She Raped Me - Shatta Bundle Breaks Silence

 Bundle announced to the public both did not have sexual encounters as the family may have thought. Ayisha also confirmed that there was nothing sexual. 

As the investigation is ongoing, is notified that there are other possible charges in which the family of Ayisha will be placed on Bundle as the girl has not returned home after she was seen in a video with him. 

While the family is serious about the issue, some followers on social media are also questioning police officers. “ Ghana Police Arrest Shatta Bundle for defilement. How, I mean how can you arrest this small baby. Free Shatta Bundle” 

Bundle is seen in a second video that, if the family is accusing her of rape, then he stands to say the girl is the one that raped him.