She didn’t buy me any car – Nana Romeo exposes girlfriend

Radio presenter Nana Romeo has fired back at his critics who questioned his revelation that his ex-girlfriend supported him financially. In a recent interview with Stacy Amoateng, Nana Romeo disclosed that his former girlfriend purchased a car for him.

However, some people accused him of being lazy and not being able to take care of himself. In response to the criticism, Nana Romeo denied the claims and defended his character.

He took to social media to write, “It’s amazing to read comments of people asking why I allowed a woman to take care of me and buy a car for me. Those that know me well will not even want me to waste time to talk about myself regarding these claims, but hey, I just want to briefly let the world know that I’m one of the few hardworking and forceful young men of our time. I’m very dedicated towards work, well-disciplined, very passionate, and very ambitious.”

Nana Romeo’s comments have caused a stir on social media, with many people weighing in on the situation. Some have commended him for speaking up for himself, while others remain skeptical about his claims.

Regardless, Nana Romeo has made it clear that he stands by his assertion that his ex-girlfriend supported him, and he is not ashamed to admit it.