Shatta Wale was chopping Emelia Brobbey while married to Michy, a Lady has revealed in a recent video.

In an Instagram live video which lasted for more than acc hour ,Maglove could be heard spilling every secret she kept about Shatta Muchy

She spoke about how her marriage failed and other matters that involved Nam1 too but a very quiet celebrity whom we never expected to be involved was also mentioned.

Magdalene Love, the most caring cousin of Shatta Wale, has alleged that Emelia Brobbey was chopping Shatta Wale some time back.

She said while Emelia was Michy’s bestfriend she was also enjoying Shatta Wale at the blind sight of Michy.

She also said Shatta Michy was always in the habit of sneaking random men into the house of Shatta Wale.

Have a look at the video below.

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