Shatta Wale Mom Warns Magluv To Stay Away From Her Son

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The mother of award-winning artist Shatta Wale, Madam Elsie is out to expose the supposed cousin of Shatta Wale, Magluv who is trending on social media for allegations she made against the ex-girlfriend of Shatta Wale. 

According to Shatta Wale’s mother, Magluv created confusion between Shatta Wale and his ex-girlfriend Shatta Michy through gossip leading to the end of their relationship. 

The mother granted an interview with Hot FM stating that she doesn’t know Magluv who claims to be a cousin of Shatta as a family member but knows her through visiting his son’s house as they introduce her as a house help. 

As the mother was explaining herself, she made it known that Magluv was gossiping about Michy to her anytime she is around them which she gave a warning for she was not interested in her behavior of gossip.

 She later made a revelation that she has not seen her son for the past 3 years for Magluv has polluted his son that she is using witchcraft against his son. 

The mother also warns Magluv to stay away from his son and also stay away from Michy’s relationship with Shatta. 

Below is the video: