Shatta Wale ‘jabs’ Nana Addo for failing the system

Ghanaian Dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah widely known in the showbiz industry as Shatta Wale has touched on matters disturbing and stampeding the growth of this prestigious country.

Shatta Wale who is known for his upfront and confrontational attitude took to his Facebook account to repel and expose the “system” which he argues is not functioning properly.

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According to the self-acclaimed king of Dancehall, the system has been failing the stakeholders but no one has ever attempted to defy the system because most of these individuals are groomed to fear the government.

“The system is not working for many of us but many of us can’t speak cuz we were brought up in Timidity and fears !!! Beautiful country Ghana but so sad the people can’t stand for their rights !!! Aaaaawwww !!!! Y333 bl3.”

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Now, the system can imply to a lot of things. But in the context in which it was utilized it is safe to say Shatta Wale was sending a direct message to government over some policies hurting the entertainment industry.

Over the year numerous musicians have employed such covert methods to voice their concerns when they feel country is losing its bearings on its .