Shatta Wale completely disgraces Stonebwoy

Shatta Wale’s ongoing and enormous social fight with Ayisha Modi has morphed into a series of lethal attacks aimed at Stonebwoy’s gigantic reputation and creative prowess in the Ghanaian music industry.

Beginning his feud with Stonebwoy’s unofficial PRO (Ayisha Modi), the self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale took the battle a notch higher after he attacked Stonebwoy with some bitter and hot allegations.

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In one of his many diss video to Ayisha Modi, Shatta Wale harshly shot Stonebwoy with the strong indication that Stonebwoy has been jealous of him and thus goes to the extent of mimicking his every move in the industry.

Using his recently released 1Don song as an example, Shatta Wale pointed out that it was because of this same jealousy that Stonebwoy imitated his style to name his yet to be released single, ‘1Gad’.