Shatta Wale blasts Fada Dickson, exposes real reason why Mcbrown left Utv

The popular dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has provided some insight into what he believes led to Nana Ama McBrown’s departure from UTV. He contends that the former host faced unfavorable work conditions and high-pressure demands from her former superiors.

Earlier this year, Shatta Wale’s comments about McBrown’s suitability as a host for United Showbiz stirred controversy online. While expressing his dissatisfaction with the program’s direction, he urged Fada Dickson to rethink the show’s objectives, which he deemed absurd. Shatta Wale opined that McBrown’s background in acting didn’t equip her for the role of presenter, citing instances where others could challenge her views.

“Nana Ama McBrown is an actress, Nana Ama McBrown doesn’t know anything about presenting. Sometimes she can present and someone can counter her. Fada Dickson, I beg, I respect you and Despite so much because the innovations, the idea, the vision that you people have for this country is helping a lot of people.”

“Please check your radio stations and TV stations. The programmes you are doing are nonsense. It’s nonsense, it’s stupid. We have boys from Legon who have some ideas. Let them bring it on board,” he earlier stated in a Facebook live video.

In response to the news of McBrown’s recent move to Media General, Shatta Wale has praised her decision and remarked that it was a smart move to leave UTV.

“Everybody for pick my stone for me. I talk Nana Ama McBrown en matter you said I shouldn’t talk, not knowing there are problems. When I talk, you’ll say I am talking too much. God will direct the thing. What I am seeing is what I am talking about. When I spoke, everybody was complaining but you see Problem dey there.

‘They worried the woman. They worried the woman, they gave her some nonsense pressure. Nana Ama McBrown, you did very well by leaving UTV to Media General. That’s what I wanted. Find your path,” he stated in pidgin during a recent Facebook live.

He expressed his approval in Pidgin English and suggested that the program’s controversial structure could have caused her more trouble. Shatta Wale also acknowledged the difficulties that McBrown faced in her former job, saying that she did well to find her path in Media General.

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