“Sharling Is Careling” – Maa Linda praises Fella for ‘La borrowing’ her old dress to friend for Hajia4real’s party

Maa Linda has jumped to the defense of Fella Makafui for allegedly giving out her old dress to a friend.

This gesture of the actress caught the attention of the public at the grand 30th birthday party of Hajia4real.

Storming the birthday party in her standout dress, she was accompanied by an equally beautiful lady wearing an equally stunning dress.

Social media gossip managed to spot the similarities between the dress the lady was wearing and an old dress wore by Fella Makafui in the past.

It turned out that it was the same dress and what makes it evident was the fact that months ago, Fella Makafui announced that she wants to gift that very dress to a lucky person.

Reacting to the trending topic of Fella Makafui giving out her old dress, Maa Linda said she sees nothing wrong with it.

She commended the wife of Medikal being kind because “Sharling is careling”