Senior Police Commander arrested after he was 'caught with married woman' in a hotel

Senior Police Commander arrested after chopping another man’s wife in a hotel in a hotel in Nigeria.

Secrecy and privacy have no stay in the Kano state because f the primary laws that govern them. has received reports that a senior official with Hisbah Corps has been arrested after he was allegedly caught with a married woman in a hotel in Kano.

The arrested commander is said to be in charge of arresting beggars and prostitutes in Kano metro area.
Many were surprised when it was announced on Freedom Radio Kano reported on Tuesday, Feb 16, that a senior official of Hisbah was seen in a hotel with a married woman at in Sabon Gari area of the city.
Kano Hisbah Commander Muhammed Haruna, while describing the incident as unfortunate, said a two-man committee has been established to investigate the matter, Freedom Radio said.
His name was not immediately mentioned, but he was described only as police chief when the matter came up on Freedom FM’s popular magazine programme “Inda Ranka”.
He was taken into custody after the husband of the woman with whom he allegedly had affairs filed complaints.
The Hisbah Corps is an Islamic religious police force in Nigeria’s Kano state responsible for the enforcement of Sharia.
Hisbah officers regularly arrest unmarried people caught in hotels and people breaking Sharia laws. Hisbah officers also punish those who are indecently dressed, have haircuts considered immoral in Islam, and they are known to destroy crates of alcohol.