Satan slept with Eve — Ajugurajah drops shocking revelations about Adam, Eve and Satan

Founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah widely known as Ajagurajah has dropped shocking revelations about the Adam, Eve and Satan story in the Holy Bible.

According to the “Chop Bar Sofo” as affectionately known, the anecdote in the Bible which reveals how Satan lured Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden is false.

God’s first recorded conversation with Adam was about the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were told they could eat anything they wanted — except the fruit from that tree. If they did, God told them they would die. Death was God’s warning, before “the great fall,” and the loss of innocence for mankind.

It was said in the Bible that Satan convinced Eve to eat the fruit and gave some to Adam. Their eyes were opened and their innocence, lost. They ran from God and His presence soon after, and were expelled from the garden, paradise lost.

However, Bishop Ajagurajah has a different interpretation of the whole incident. He claimed Satan convinced Eve and had s³x with her. He explained that the story that suggests that Eve plucked an apple and ate has no iota of truth in it.

Watch the video below;