Satan can collapse my church, I’ll still make money on TikTok – Agradaa

Former dubious fetish priestess, Evangelist Nana Agradaa has boldly stated that she does not care if Satan decides to collapse her church.

According to the controversial gospel preacher, she will migrate to TikTok and YouTube to earn money should the devil collapse her church.

The founder of the Heaven Way International Ministry speaking to her congregants during one of her sermons said she earns more money on social media. She revealed that a single TikTok live cab fetch her close to 2,000 dollars. She reiterated that she earns money on social media and for this matter she’s not afraid if her church collapses.

“I don’t mind if the devil decides today to take over my church. I will move straight to TikTok in the morning, and YouTube in the evening. I can make over 2,000 dollars in a day from my social media activities. I can’t even make half of that money when I come to preach at church,” she said.

On her account, she can not wait to have her fair share of the money that politicians donate to churches and powerful preachers.

“Don’t even provoke me. Now I am targeting money from the NPP and the NDC. Who is bringing the big cash? I tell you this, I will have my share of the president’s money. I am the nation’s speaker. I am the nation’s voice,” she bragged.

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