BET award-winning rapper Sarkodie has just joined if not earn his position in the social media trend where men have formed a virtual federation identified as the Stingy Men Association (SMA).

This union, according to its members was founded to shield “economic” men and to motivate them not to give out money senselessly to anyone especially women they are dating.

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This Stingy Men Association trend has taken center stage on social media platform Twitter as celebrities and the platform users join in on the craze to publicly declare their support.

Sarkodie who has been considered in many circles as a very stingy person expressed shock at the development especially when men are joining the SMA and leaving him out.

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According to the award-winning artist, it is a total disrespect for men to join the group early before he got wind of it.

“What sort of disrespect is this … been seeing a lot of you guys getting this card before me like how?” He quizzed

See a screenshot of his post below:

Sarkodie joins Stingy Men Association (PHOTO)