Salma Mumuni clears the air about sleeping with men for money during an interview.

Ghanaian actress and CEO of Lure By Salma, Salma Mumin has disclosed how she felt when a negative rumour was shared about her.

Xandy Kamel made some comments against Salma Mumin on her show aired on Angel TV dubbed ‘Yeenom Tea’ where she suggested that Salma preferred dating old married men to the younger ones.

Xandy’s co-host also confirmed the allegation by saying that Xandy is telling the truth about how Salma lives her life.

According to the actress, what hurt her to the core was Xandy Kamel alleging that Salma flies to Dubai for men to l.ick her ice cream and pay huge sums of money

“This lady is not my Friend. She has no idea what I do for a living so imagine my shock when I saw a video of her calling me a prostitute. I was more shocked when she said I travel outside the country and allow men lick my ass in exchange of money. All I have done since I came to Accra is work hard to get to where I am today.” She stated in an interview on Accra FM.