Salma Mumin’s “Yawa” Ambassador speech causes confusion (VIDEO)

Ghanaian actress Salma Munin has faced a barrage of criticism on social media after giving a less-than-impressive performance during the unveiling ceremony of her as a new brand ambassador.

The event which took place in Osu saw Salma and media personality Hailey Sumney being unveiled as brand ambassadors for Play Management Africa.

Salma was called upon to speak and promote the new partnership but struggled to do so coherently. Her speech was halting and stilted, and she appeared to struggle to explain what the company actually does and what value she could bring to their brand.

Her lacklustre performance during the event has caused a stir on social media with fans trolling her. One netizen reacting to the video said, “Why is she nervous? Shie Shie saa,” while another expressed concern by asking, “What’s wrong?” It appears that nothing was wrong aside from the fact that Salma had failed to adequately prepare for her role as a brand ambassador, leaving many questioning her ability to effectively represent the company that had just signed her.

checkout this video below: