Rev. Obofour Lost Court Case And Agreed To Do The Right Thing

The executive producer of gospel musician, Celestine Donkor, on social media made a post approximately, February 2020, to take the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Francis Antwi also known as Rev. Obofour to court. 

In the write up, it explained that, Obofour used a song Bread of life “Agbebolo” for his profit without the permission from their management team. 

The executive producer also stated they did everything to settle the case out of court but the pastor was disrespectful towards them. 

For such reasons, they forwarded the case to court for justice to make a final decision. 

Below is the write up:

Dear Rev Obofour,

I write to you not as one of your followers and a beneficiary of your ‘generosity’ but as the executive producer of the song you used to promote your 31st December watch night service WITHOUT permission.

When the police investigator and myself met you in your Achimota office you claimed you were promoting the song and that you have a very large following but sadly you said you have never heard a name Celestine Donkor before. I am surprise at how you can promote a person you don’t know exists but granted .

My team did everything to get you to put on your sense of reasoning but like you got one of your subordinates to tell Akwasi Aboagye on Peace fm when this issue first broke in November, “we can go to hell”.

We are not going to ‘hell’ but we are going to the courts to seek justice. Just so you know, we have a date on Wednesday. But this time it is an order for you to appear before the Criminal Court. This is just for the commencement of the Criminal aspect of your unlawful act. Also note that the Civil suit will soon commence.

We did everything to get you to address this illegality but you know we are nobodies and so you retreated us with gross disrespect. Justice will prevail. Like they say “the wheel of justice grind slowly”, We shall surly have Justice! “

On Friday the 26 June, 2020, it was reported Obofour lost the court case and was ordered by court to put on with good behaviour as he pleaded guilty. 


You Are To Appear Before Court For Criminal Act – Celestine Donkor’s Executive Producer To Rev. Obofour