Residents of Wonder World Estate live in fear as Cheddar ‘pets’ 2 tigers in the Estate

Persons living in Wonder World Estate have expressed fear over Cheddar’s tigers.

The owner, Freedom Jacob Caesar alias Cheddar has brought two tigers to the Estate which is causing residents to live in fear.

Having expressed their fears to the owner, he is reluctant to their pleas to get the tigers out of the community.

Speaking to Daily Guide reporters one of the residents said “There are no tranquilisers nor any proper training. In the event of any unfortunate incident, no one knows what would happen to us,”

Residents in the Estate located at Ridge in Accra said they noticed the presence of tigers in November 2021 but since they were just Cubs, they thought the owner would be taking it to appropriate facility when they grow but they have been proven wrong.

“It doesn’t make any sense to have wild animals, tigers for the matter, in an estate in the heart of the city where there is just less than a meter between the houses and also without any proper training and care [for them],” they bemoaned. – another resident said.