A repented hookup lady has confessed that she allegedly slept with Apostle Johnson Suleman on two occasions.

According to the lady identified as Ifemekudike, she met the man of God during a hookup session her friend organized and they have s*x but she couldn’t recognize him although his face was familiar to her.

After their first encounter, he gave her his number and a bundle of cash which she shared when her friend.

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She later recognized him as a man of God after he posted about himself on instablog.

A few months later, they met again after her service at Lagos, they made love for the second time and that was where she repented and took Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Since then, her past with the Apostle keeps hunting her.

“Dear @lyndaclems, I have to tell the world about that hookup you arrange between @johnson_suleman_official and myself on the 20th November 2016 in a hotel at Ikeja, the apostle secretly gave me his number and we had a second meeting at oriental hotels Lagos.

I’m sorry my conscience can’t hold it anymore. I encourage you to tell the truth as a mother and a Christian, to put the devil to shame and save millions of souls been misled…

To my family and friends, I am sorry,don’t judge me 🙏🏾 please pray for me so the light of 🌕 God will continue to expose every works of darkness in my life and the church of God…”