Kurl Songx has confirmed that he has squashed his feud with his former boss and producer David ‘Kaywa’ Kyei, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Highly Spiritual Music.

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Kurlz Songx beef with Kaywa began after a misunderstanding during his time under the Highly Spiritual Music label.

The ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker had lashed out in public that Kaywa was not paying the right amount of attention to his career and songs.

However earlier today he declared openly on Facebook that he had regretted all the wrongs he did the ace music producer.


Remorseful Kurl Songx begs Kaywa to end their beef

Speaking to Ghana Weekend TV, Kurl Songx revealed that he has actually gotten in touch with Kaywa and that they are now on good terms.

“Honestly, I feel very blessed that he is forgiven me. Kaywa is somebody I have a lot of respect and love for. I even spoke to him before releasing my new song” he said.

Kurl Songx who was exploded to stardom by Kaywa, after he won the MTN Hitmaker pleaded with the public to share his apology post on Facebook until the aggrieved producer gets it.