Rely on my miracle items if you want a breakthrough in life and protection — Rev Obofour

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Rev Obofour has asked people who want to make it in life to rely on his miracle items.

In one of his private television stations, Rev Obofour said that his miracle items i.e anti-witchcraft cream, the blood of Jesus, miracle apple and money perfume have the true spirit of God and so it perfumes all sorts of miracles.

He continued that whoever is looking forward to seeing him or herself in another stage of life should walk straight into any of his church branches and get him or herself any of the items.

According to him, the miracle items fetches money, drive away demons, bring breakthroughs, bring spiritual protection and do other sorts of things in human life.

He explained that one of the few reasons why he discovered the miracle items is to help the children free themselves from satanic slavery.